Student Name
Jahyeon Kim/김자현
Jungmin Nam / 남정민
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Project Description

The yard has great potential in residential building. It makes the city breathe, boosts interaction with neighbors, and becomes a space for all living things. But in modern times, these outdoor spaces are left out. The more concentrate on expanding the interior space, the more people are trapped in their homes. Particularly this is true in the current trend of increasing land prices and small-scale housing. However, it is difficult to create a yard while maintaining proper density. Solving this was the big goal of this project. To solving, I choose the sloping roof to using as a yard. This provided a large outdoor space, even in small houses. In addition, It is designed to pass through the yard to enter the house. This enables a friendly and comfortable approach, unlike meeting a tall building directly.

The house is not just for users but also for neighbors. Therefore, I also thought about neighbors. Atrium and the northern flower beds on the first floor provide green space for both the people in the house and the neighbors. The site is open to the west. There are many good elements that come in through this side. Examples are sunlight, wind, and open views. Sharing this with pedestrians is as valuable as communicating with them through the yard. A yard tilted from west to east enables sharing. Sunlight and wind come in from the west along the slope. Neighbors’ gaze follows the slanted surface open toward the landscape westward. As a result, residence with other people has been completed.

Public and private control in the living space is important. Publicity is divided according to who can share the space with. For example, a living room is a space that can be shared with neighbors, but a bedroom is not. Bedrooms are more private because It is space that can only be shared with spouses. This object is categorized as a stranger, friend, family, or spouse to divide the room. According to this standard, program was put in by floor. The program was arranged linearly to limit the accessible space depending on the visitor. Basement were laid out with work-related and rest-related spaces on the ground. All these rooms are visually and physically connected to the yard without deviating from the spectrum. A terrace is also built basement using the western cliff, and the stairs leading up to the second floor are connected to the top of the yard. Various and circular circulation were created around the yard.