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GyeongHo Lee / 이경호
Youngho Yeo, Minwha Lee / 여영호, 이민화
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Project Description

이촌동은 70년대에 국내 최초로 근린주구방식을 도입해 개발된 지역으로써 아파트가 집중적으로 건설되어, 당시로써 고급 주택단지로 정착하였다. 하지만 세월의 흐름에 따라, 건물들은 노후화 되었고, 당시의 몰개성적인 건설로 인하여 성냥갑아파트라는 오명을 입으며 한강변 조망을 저해하는 요인 중 하나로 손꼽히게 된다. 이에 따라 현재 재건축이 예정되어 있는 한강맨션아파트 부지를 디자인하여 수변공간의 독창적 디자인을 확보하고, 스카이라인의 다변화와 통경축을 생성하는 것을 목표로 잡았다.

현재 인근 지역의 도시적 맥락상에서 대지를 둘러싸는 직선적인 연도형 상가가 도로면에 형성되어 있으며 재건축시 이 속성을 유지해줄 것을 요구하고 있다. 이로 인해 생성되는 강한 직각의 플롯과 대비시키기 위해 아파트의 매스 평면을 원형으로 잡았으며 조경과 연결은 그 중간점인 자유로운 곡선으로 형성하였다. 또한 이 지역의 문제점 중 하나인 한강공원의 접근성이 떨어진 다는 것을 대지의 중심축에 공원으로 통하는 고가다리를 확보하여 해결하였다.

This semester’s design project was selected as the reconstruction of the matchbox apartment, which is the main factor that ruins the skyline along the Han River. Among the numerous matchbox apartments along the Han River, the site of the Han River mansion and Samik apartment, which have redevelopment issues, were selected. With the construction of Ichon Remian Challitus nearby, the area is already forming a skyline that has soared alone away from the surrounding area. Through this project, I aim to harmonize the skyline around site.

The city government is demanding four conditions for reconstruction in the area. The first is to improve pedestrian access to the Han River through the expansion of the narrow and long side-roads between Ichon Station and Han River Park. The second is to maintain the context of the long-formed street-shops along Ichon-ro. The third is to provide a view of Namsan from the Han River through the park, which was formerly Yongsan U.S. military base, by installing a Sight-Axis on the site. The fourth is to have more than 60 percent of households with a dedicated area of 85 square meters or less, with different types of households of varying sizes.

The expansion of the side road leading to the park and the elements of the street-shops needed for the project were grouped together. By extending the context of the Yichon-ro’s street-shops to the back road through Hangang Park, the 250-meter-long existing narrow and long road has been improved as well as its usability through shopping malls and community facilities. Also users can approach to park through over-bridge running through the site. When looking at the building from the side of the road, the vertical tower-type buildings and horizontal street-shops were contrasted to take the form of a vertical and horizontal skyscraper. The street-shops are equipped with pilotis and voids to improve the accessibility of the land on the road and to avoid obstructing the view.